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    • Don't mind the title i am also a super duper noob in OSRS world. So i suppose there will be many people like me so i am just listing what i learnt and whatever i will learn throughout my journey in Asteria PS.  1. I found that we can obtain donator status by event boss listed in quest. Not much details known about this but yeah its a must to do for any newbie. 2. I decided to do skilling one by one so my first goal is doing thieving and leveling it to its max 99 level. There are daily tasks given in quest tab too. Newbies can do that as well. It is easy to to thievery at the home area itself on the stalls. Just start from first stall and keep going next stall whenever you can. It's easy money and startup for anybody. 3. As i can't edit the main post i will keep quoting and posting lol. Now after lvl 99 in thieving i did add some agility levels by using teleport > skills > gnome area/barbarian area and i learnt that we can use lamps to improve our levels as well (Read point no. 6 below for more info on lamps). I am using them on agility as it is really hard to level up with only two courses in this game.  4. I found that there are two pvp portals one is blue/green and other one is red. You can pvp without losing in blue portal however red one means lose everything in your inventory. Generally on dying in non dangerous zones we lose nothing. Even with the event boss mentioned above we don't lose anything.  Also telling you that it is a wasteland, as a noob i walked it from north to south and east to west just to found that i am lost soul and there is nothing in this area at all. So don't waste your time exploring this area :) 5. You can do slayer task by talking with Vannaka. He is near the stalls. You can ask him for a enchanted gem which can act as wireless to talk with him and keep updated on status of your slayer tasks. But before doing that you should go to magic spellbook > combat teleports > rock crabs for easy level ups. Do it till level 60 and then go back home and go to bank you can withdraw rune armor set and dragon sword. Now you are basically equipped for slaying and combating in rest of the game. 6. There is a mystery chest button in your lower right menu. Keep clicking it after every 650 seconds to get free lamps. I got only lamps in so many tries. Didn't get anything else so dunno if it provides any other thing or not.... 7.There is an estate agent near stalls. You can buy a house for 100,000 coins from him. I bought one but dunno what to do with it. So stick to guide to know about that too..  8. Join the discord channel by typing ::discord in chat and there Zeke is running giveaways. Make sure to take benefit of the generous owner xD  To be continued.......  
    • Not daily its mostly after few hours only lolz see i posted one update already 😄
    • I am harry and here to enjoy this game. I hate Pay to win OSRS that's why decided to join PS of Asteria. 
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