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Asteria In-Game Rules.

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Section One - Trading / Scamming



1.1 Trade scamming

Trade Scamming commonly involves a player advertising the sale of a good at a lower than average price. The item will be placed up at the start of the trade with the amount agree, however just before accepting the first screen they may choose to switch out the good for something or lower value which looks visually similar. Trade Scamming in this form is NOT allowed on Asteria and will incur an infraction with valid video evidence, the infraction length will depend on the amount scammed.


1.2 Selling Unlimited Vote Method

The Unlimited or Infinite Vote method is a means for players to vote an unlimited amount of times for Asteria and allows them to reap the rewards. While using this method is not illegal, selling the method or giving away the method to others for any form of in-game or external currency is disallowed and will result in an infraction.

1.3 Blackmarketing
Blackmarketing involves the selling or buying of Asteria gold for other forms of currency. This includes but is not limited to: Trading RSGP to Asteria GP / Paypal to Asteria GP / 07GP to Asteria GP. The sale of Asteria Accounts for Asteria GP/ RSGP / RS07 / Paypal gold is also illegal and will result a permanent infraction on all accounts involved.


1.4 Password Scamming

Password scamming occurs when a player gives out an account only to recover it at a later stage and take the account back with all of the temporary owners items. We advise players not to accept accounts from others and create their own account. 


1.5 Money Doubling

Money doubling is a type of giveaway which is dis-allowed on Asteria. It involves a player claiming to double your money if you trust them with your money first. This again falls under trust trade scamming and is non-refundable, however any plays caught in the act will receive an automatic 2 day ban. If it is proved that money has been scammed then a lengthier punishment will be placed.


1.6 Trust Trade Scamming

A Trust Trade scam occurs when a player lends an item to another play on the grounds that the item will be returned at a later date. Refunds cannot be given for trust trade scams, however if sufficient proof is provided showing a player has indeed scammed an item during a trust trade a permanent ban will be placed on the scammer's account(s). 


Section Two - Botting / Macroing / Afking


2.1 Using a BotClient

Any form of third party program designed to play the game in the place of a player is not allowed. A Player must be actively playing the game and controlling the actions of his or her in-game character. Any person caught botting will be permanently removed from the game.


2.2 Using a Macro/Third Party Program
Any use of a third party program which is designed to give players an unfair advantage over others is dis-allowed on Asteria. This includes but is not limited to Bot programs, autoclickers and other macro programs. The only exception to this rule is an auto typer which is allowed at the Market areas, outside of these areas auto typers must be set at a speed of 7 seconds or greater to prevent spam.

2.3 Afk Training

Afk training refers to a player who is training while not actively at his computer, often involving the use of a macro program. This is not allowed on Asteria and will result in up to a permanent ban depending on the number of times the offender has been caught and warned. Staff members actively patrol areas of Asteria where training occurs, if you do not reply to them or other players when asked, you are liable and therefore can be infracted.


Note - Please note that this infraction can be placed on the main account as well if a player is found to be afking on their alternate accounts.


Section Three - Bug Abuse


3. Bug Abuse


3.1.1 Minor Bug Abuse

The Abuse of low level bugs which do not affect the player/game/economy will carry a temporary infraction which will grow depending on the amount of times a player has been caught abusing the same bug.

3.1.2 Major Bug abuse
Abusing larger bugs which can affect the player/game/economy. Any player caught abusing bugs or glitches in order to duplicate goods will be permanently removed from the game on all accounts and will not be welcomed back to Asteria.


3.2 Duping

The use of any bug or glitch in order to duplicate goods is strictly prohibited. Any player caught abusing bugs or glitches in order to duplicate goods will be permanently removed from the game on all accounts and will not be welcomed back to Asteria.


3.3 Submitting a fake hack refund / fake evidence
A player caught making up own evidence to get another party banned/muted or faking a hack to obtain more wealth will be permanently removed from the game on the account they attempted to do so on. They will also be blacklisted so future attempts at refunds will be automatically denied.


Section Four - Talking / Language


4.1 Offensive Language

The use of offensive language is allowed in moderation, however it can only be used in a way which is not targeted at another player. Exclamations such as "Shit" and "Fuck" may be used provided they are used in order to exclaim anger or frustration, however when aimed at a player this is not allowed and falls under the category of flaming and will be dealt as such. Racism  and any form of bullying also falls within this category.


4.2 Spamming
Spamming often involves a Player typing a phrase or phrases in rapid succession and blocking up the chatbox, This often involves the use of an auto typer but is not limited to it. Spamming is disallowed and any auto typer used outside of the "Market" must be set at 7 second intervals and over.


4.3 Advertising
Any Player caught encouraging other players to join their server, or another private server or game will be automatically banned from the game. They will also not be welcomed back on any other accounts if they are caught repeatedly.

4.4 Asking for personal details

Asking another player for their IRL details or pestering for confidential information is disallowed if the other player has specifically asked for you not to do so. This is to ensure the privacy and safety of all players on our game.


4.5 Staff / gambling host impersonation

Any player caught pretending to be a gambling host or Asteria Staff Member will be dealt with accordingly, that is, a permanent ban on the account they have attempted to impersonate the said member and can face a possible MAC Ban which will permanently remove them from the game on all accounts. This includes any image-made crowns that do not belong with your name. This means Donator/Member, Helper, Moderator, Global, Administrator, Admiral, Manager, Owner, Developer, or any other HTML symbols are NOT allowed. 

4.6 Leaking personal information
Any player caught leaking the personal/confidential information of others will be automatically banned from the game with no questions asked. This rule is put in place to ensure the privacy and safety of all Players on our game.


4.7 Threats


DDoS Threats

DDos threats are taken very seriously and involve a player threatening to DDoS another player. While the actual DDoS may not take place, the threat itself is enough to warrant a ban depending on the severity of what was said and the number of times the player has been caught breaking this rule.


Real Life Threats

All forms of real life threats are disallowed on Asteria and any player caught threatening others with words such as "I hope you die IRL""  "I'll come stab you IRL" will be permanent banned on the account they have done so on.


Hacking Threats

Any player caught threatening another player with a hack or phrases such as "I'll hack your account" will be given a ban depending on the severity of what they have said.


Mute/Ban Threat

A player caught threatening other players with bans/mutes will be given a mute or ban depending on the nature of what they have said.


4.8 Blackmailing
Blackmailing refers to the act of Player A asking for money from Player B in order for Player A to desist in an action. Examples of blackmailing can be seen in "5b and I'll stop ragging you" or "5b and I won't post your IRL pic"

4.9 Leaking IP addresses

Any player caught leaking the IP address of another player will be permanent removed from the game and not welcomed back. This is to ensure the privacy and safety of all Asteria Players.



Section Five - Account


5.1 Muling

Muling occurs when a player places high valued items on alternate accounts to spread out wealth and avoid infractions. This is strictly not allowed and will result in a permanent ban on any account which is involved.


5.2 Account hacking
Account hacking occurs when a player manages to gain the details of another account without the owners permission. Account hacking often involves but is not limited to a player taking items off an account and offloading it to their own personal account. Any player caught breaking this rule will be permanently banned and repeat offenders will not be welcomed back.

5.3 Account selling
This rule falls under blackmarketing


5.4 Account Sharing

Sharing accounts is not illegal. Any player who chooses to share their account faces a ban should the player they are sharing with break the rules. Account sharing scams where a player xfers all the items to another account is also not refundable however can warrant in a ban of the scammer. 

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