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    • } else if (interfaceId == 667) { if (componentId == 9) { if (packetId == 14) { sendRemove(player, slotId); } else if (packetId == 32) { player.getEquipment().sendExamine(slotId); } } else if (componentId == 14) { if (slotId >= 14) return; Item item = player.getEquipment().getItem(slotId); if (item == null) return; if (packetId == 3) player.getPackets().sendGameMessage(ItemExamines.getExamine(item)); else if (packetId == 216) { sendRemove(player, slotId); } } else if (componentId == 46 && player.temporaryAttribute().remove("Banking") != null) { player.getBank().openBank(); }  
    • Below are the Official Asteria Clients: Windows Client Apple Client  
    • Please name the effects. 
    • $10 (Donator) Donator Title Red Donator Sign next to name Access to the Donator Zone - ::dzone The Donator zone consists of a Donator store, three thieving stalls, woodcutting, mining and smithing. Thieving Stalls offer a higher amount of coins while thieving  Ability to access the Donator Store 10% reduced chance of burning food 20% more tokens from dungeoneering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $50 (Super Donator) Super Title Every Regular Donator benefit Exclusive blue Donator Sign 40% more tokens from dungeoneering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $250 (Extreme Donator) Extreme Title Every Donator and Super benefit Exclusive Green Donator Sign next to name 60% more tokens from dungeoneering Exclusive Training Zone located at ::ezone consisting of revs, multi-area zombies, black dragons, frost dragons, mithril dragons,demonic gorillas Access to an improved Donator Zone - ::ezone The improved Donator zone consists of a Donator store, private training area, and a fountain that restores special, poison, prayer & Health ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $1000 (Legendary Donator)  Legendary Title All Donator, Super, and Extreme benefits Exclusive Purple Donator Sign  ::Bank command Chance of receiving +1 additional item from all Clue Scroll Rewards Have a chance of receiving full crystal keys as a drop Chance of mining double ores/exp Chance of fishing double fish/exp Have a chance of making a potion without the ingredients 80% more tokens from dungeoneering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $2500 (Uber Donator)  Uber Title All Donator, Super, Extreme, and Legendary benefits. Exclusive Yellow Donator Sign  Untradables are always kept on death (i.e defenders, infernal cape) Chance of double drops when defeating monsters 20% chance of a second vote book when voting Double tokkul drops 15% chance to burn an extra log when firemaking Triple the amount of stardust from shooting stars Ability to go to KBD instantly without entering the wilderness Access to an exclusive underground city with all previous donator shops and benefits located in the city. The underground city also includes a special slayer master that is in favor of giving boss tasks more often instead of normal monsters. 20% bonus exp for all skills while in ::uzone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Payment methods accepted: Paypal, OSRS gp, RS3 gp, Bitcoin. Contact Zeke#8976 for other requests/custom donations.
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