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    • $10 (Donator) Donator Title Red Donator Sign next to name Access to the Donator Zone - ::dzone The Donator zone consists of a Donator store, three thieving stalls, woodcutting, mining and smithing. Thieving Stalls offer a higher amount of coins while thieving  Ability to access the Donator Store 10% reduced chance of burning food 20% more tokens from dungeoneering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $50 (Super Donator) Super Title Every Regular Donator benefit Exclusive blue Donator Sign 40% more tokens from dungeoneering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $250 (Extreme Donator) Extreme Title Every Donator and Super benefit Exclusive Green Donator Sign next to name 60% more tokens from dungeoneering Exclusive Training Zone located at ::ezone consisting of revs, multi-area zombies, black dragons, frost dragons, mithril dragons,demonic gorillas Access to an improved Donator Zone - ::ezone The improved Donator zone consists of a Donator store, private training area, and a fountain that restores special, poison, prayer & Health ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $500 (Legendary Donator)  Legendary Title All Donator, Super, and Extreme benefits Exclusive Purple Donator Sign  Chance of receiving +1 additional item from all Clue Scroll Rewards Have a chance of receiving full crystal keys as a drop Chance of mining double ores/exp Chance of fishing double fish/exp Have a chance of making a potion without the ingredients 80% more tokens from dungeoneering ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ $2500 (Uber Donator)  Uber Title All Donator, Super, Extreme, and Legendary benefits. Exclusive Yellow Donator Sign  Untradables are always kept on death (i.e defenders, infernal cape) Chance of double drops when defeating monsters 20% chance of a second vote book when voting Double tokkul drops 15% chance to burn an extra log when firemaking Triple the amount of stardust from shooting stars Ability to go to KBD instantly without entering the wilderness Access to an exclusive underground city with all previous donator shops and benefits located in the city. The underground city also includes a special slayer master that is in favor of giving boss tasks more often instead of normal monsters. 20% bonus exp for all skills while in ::uzone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Payment methods accepted: Paypal, OSRS gp, RS3 gp, Bitcoin. Contact Zeke#8976 for other requests/custom donations.
    • Solo Dungeoneering has been added. Bugged clue has been fixed. The one in Corporeal Beast cave. Hope devourer Dungeoneering boss has been added. It has random chance to spawn instead of Warped. Unlimited Dragon Bones are removed from Grand Exchange. Players who prestige have red names now. Enchanted bolts has been added to Grand Exchange. Dungeoneering tokens has been added to Quest Tab. Dungeon bosses has been fixed. They now give correct amount of dungeoneering xp and tokens. Achievement ´´Complete the Asteria Guide´´ has been fixed. Event Bosses doesnt drop blood money anymore. Magic hut Clue has been fixed. Daily tasks has been added, you can find tasks on Achievement List Tab. Summoning orb has been fixed. Jad minigamse has been fixed, it now spawn jad as a last wave. Dagannoths Slayer task has been fixed.
    • Today finally reached Max Total level after 570 hours played time !
    • If you use the Asteria Forums, please familiarize yourself with our Rules & Guidelines for the forums. We expect all members using our forums to abide by these rules.Keep in mind these rules can alter over time at any given moment.The Asteria Staff team reserves the right to terminate any of your account if in violation of any of the rules stated below. If you have any questions or concerns about our forum rules, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a forum staff member. Flaming & Trolling Flaming, also known as bashing, is the hostile interaction towards another internet user, often involving the use of profanity. Small amount of flame is acceptable. Staff members shall act accordingly when the flaming becomes excessive. Infractions may vary from a warning to post banning depends on the severity of the content. Trolling is the deliberate act of attacks towards a content or an internet user. Trolling does not always offend another nor can it be aimed at anyone but there are cases when it is inappropriate. Mild trolling is acceptable but once again, staff members shall act accordingly if the content is considered offensive. Advertising We have zero tolerance towards the advertisement of other servers and websites. The violation of this rule results in a permanent ban from the forums. Security Exploiting or attempting to exploit loopholes, vulnerabilities, or bugs will result in the permanent removal of your accounts. Any activities with an objective of violating the confidentiality or harming of the forums users will result in an immediate termination of your accounts. IP Ban & Ban Evasion IP bans as reserved for the highest-level offences, including (but not limited to): DDoS, Hacking, etc. In some cases, IPbans may be handed to repeat offenders of lower-level rules. Players that have been IP banned are not welcomed back and any attempt to return to the forums under a new name / IP will result in another ban. Misposting Misposting is considered spamming to a degree. This can easily be avoided simply by reading the section title and reading any relevant announcements or pinned threads within that section. If you are unsure about where to post a thread, private message our forum staff or a member of our community. Spam Posting Spam posting is basically the act of posting useless and irrelevant things on topics. If you are going to post something that has nothing to do with the topic, then don't post. Depending on the content of the post, you may receive a verbal warning or a warning point. Hanging Quotes Hanging quotes is essentially quoting someone's post and just posting it. It looks trashy on the forums and it only results in spam posting. If you have nothing relevant to say toward the topic, don't post. Faking Evidence Any form of faking evidence will result in a permanent ban. Inappropriate Content We have younger players on the forums and in-game. We do not need any type of inappropriate content. Posting any inappropriate content may result in an infraction on forums. The exception to this rule is the posting of pornographic content, whereby you will be permanently banned and never welcomed back. Thread Hijacking Thread Hijacking primarily applies to the market section of the forums. It is the act of posting on a sale thread (that is not yours) and selling items at a cheaper price or buying items at a higher price. This is strictly forbidden and can result in a warning. @ Player Topics Threads directed to players are allowed as long as it remains in a positive environment. If the thread is directed to negatively effect a player, harm the security of the user, or it is intended to flame bait others, the thread will be closed and the creator of the topic may receive a warning point. If your content is directed towards a staff member or a player to clarify a rule/statement/question, we expect them to use the private messaging system instead. Criticism and comments directed towards a staff member and Asteria gaming can be posted in Overall Feedback in a constructive manner.     Gravedigging Posting on a thread that is at least 2 weeks old (14 days) or more without a post is seen as spamming and can result in a warning point.       Forum Shoutbox Trolling is not allowed. Depending on the severity of the trolling and how far it goes, you can be warned about it or get banned instantly from the shoutbox for 24 hours (this increases as repeat offences accumulate). Flaming other users will not be tolerated and will result in a 24-48 hour ban from shoutbox - depending on the severity. Flooding the shoutbox is not allowed. You will be banned for 24 hours if you are caught flooding the shoutbox. Spamming the shoutbox, whether with text or with emoticons, is not tolerated. You can either be warned or banned from the shoutbox for 24 hours. Excessive swearing is prohibited - you will be banned for up to 48h if you are seen doing so. Please note that all other forum based rules also apply to the shoutbox and discord!
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