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  1. Name: iProm is my ingame name, Rob is my irl name. I respond to either. 🙂 If recommended by owner(s), post who: N.A. Do you have previous admin/moderator experience? Yes, up until a year ago I was a GM (same rank as owner) for the largest Conquer Online private server - ImmortalsCo. I was staff for around 6 years. I resigned due to the owners' complacency with the game and pushing updates to make $ and not improve the game. Write a brief description about yourself: I try to conduct myself in an honorable and respectable manner at all times. I'm 24, turning 25 in late May and at around the same time will have a BA in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Mental Health. I'll be starting a Masters program in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or a BA -> PhD in Clinical Psychology program next Fall. I also have 2 internships - one is working with children that have ADHD, ADD, other developmental issues, or trauma. The other is conducting Psychological research at a lab for my college. Besides education, I enjoy playing video games - like Apex Legends, Valorant, Smite, Rainbow 6 Siege, and our very own server Asteria. I have played RSPSs' on and off for the latter part of a decade and have had tons of accounts - from skillers to zerkers to tanks to mains. I've done it all at one point or another. I am happy to be a part of our (albeit small) community. I hope to see our community grow in size in the coming months. Why do you want to be a Moderator for our server? I want to be a Moderator because I feel that I would be a good addition to the staff team. I am an active player and will continue to be active unless things with my schedule change. I am a friendly and engaging person, which can be seen from my interactions with others on our server. Lastly, I am very knowledgeable about Runescape generally speaking. Pertaining to Asteria, I am trying to learn more every time I play. I genuinely feel that I would be a positive influence on our server. Why do you think you would make a good Moderator? I think I would make a good Moderator because of my personality - I am a fair person and will only make an impactful decision (ie mute, ban, etc) based upon proof. I understand the rules and how to apply them given some context. Anything else you would like to add? Regardless of the outcome of my application, I will continue to enjoy my time playing Asteria and, once again, know that we will grow in size once advertising kicks off. Zeke has been fixing bugs left and right and as a single developer, that can be challenging. Scenario Questions Q) You come on the discord to reports of someone playing loud music down their microphone. What would you do in this situation? A) Considering that said music was bothering others, I would move the person in question and myself into a separate channel to discuss why they are insisting on playing music at an inappropriate volume. If the loud music persists while we try to talk, I would mute them for 1 hour on the first offense, 4 on the 2nd, and the 3rd offense would result in a ban from our discord server. Q) You answer a call admin being told that someone is writing racial slurs in chat but no-one has a screenshot. What is your response to this? A) I am assuming that Asteria has chat logs of everything - at least that is how other servers were set up. If that is the case, I would ask people who said it and the approximate time it happened. I would look in the chat logs for proof of what they said. If I found proof, that person would be banned because racism cannot be tolerated at any level. If no proof was found or if Asteria doesn't keep chat logs - I would go with my intuition. What would influence my intuition would be the number of people saying that X person said Y, if they each person notifying me of the situation was saying similar/the same things. Different people saying similar/the same things would only add to the reliability of their claim (convergent reliability, if anyone was curious). Q) You join the server and notice one of your fellow admins are abusing their powers, how do you react? A) I would record the situation immediately while notifying Zeke at the same time. I would also question the admin in regards to what he was doing, if he knew it was abuse of power, and to also notify them that Zeke already knows about what they have done. Q) A player on the server is telling people that she is an admin, and she has taken the name of another admin. What is your response to this? A) As per our rules, impersonating staff is an immediate ban. I would notify them why they are banned, and then proceed with that course of action. Q) You are watching a player that you believe is bug abusing the map, but you are unsure as to whether it is an actual bug or just a part of the game. What do you do? A) I would watch this person until I was certain that what they were doing was (or wasn't) a bug. I would also ask other staff members about the supposed bug and use their input to influence my decision. Q) Have you been banned on any server? A) No. For the sake of transparency, my friend - who no longer plays RSPS - was banned on a very popular private server years ago for duping.
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