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  1. Monday-4PM too whatever time Tuesday-4PM whatever time Wed-4PM whatever time Thursday-4PM whatever time Friday-4PM whatever time Saturday-Sunday stream will start at 8AM [Link] Http://twitch.tv/therealrlgedylan Follow me on Social Media- Twitter-@RealLifeGaming3
  2. Hey what's good everyone? My name is Dylan and I am 25 years old and I was born and raised in GA. I've been playing RSPS for a couple years now and stumble across this server and thought about checking it out cause it reminded me so much of rs2 and the love I had for the game back in the day. So you if want too chat feel free too message me in-game as I will be online grinding and id love too make anyones day by just talking or helping someone that needs help. Thankyou, Dylan
  3. Ingame Name-Dylan RSPS Experience-6years Runescape Experience 12years position Apply for-In-Game Moderator Reason for applying-Want too help out and do more ever been a Moderator before?-yes Will you abuse the power of becoming a moderator?-no have you ever abused the power of being a staff member?-no can you be online atleast 5-8hours a day? yes Hey my name is dylan and i am a new member of this amazing private server and i am applying too become a staff member of this server so i can do more too help out too ensure the sucsess of this server. any information that you may need that would Quaulify me for this position will be listed below and anything extra i will add if needed. also my schedule will be listed below for days that i will be online which will include the day and the time and timezone. [Online Schedule] Time Zone-Eastern Monday-4:30PM-8PM Tuesday-4:30PM-8PM Wednsday-4:30PM-8PM Thursday-4:30PM-8PM Friday-4:30PM till whatever time Saturday-8AM till whatever time Sunday-8AM till whatever time
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