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  1. Frequently Asked Questions What payment methods are accepted? Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Runescape GP, Cash App, Bitcoin. Contact Zeke#8976 for other requests/custom donations. My payment method is not listed, can I use a different payment method? If you can't find your payment method, send a private message to 'Zeke' on forums/in-game or Contact Zeke#8976 on Discord. I've purchased Bonds from the webstore, and haven't received it. When you purchased an item from the store, go in-game and talk to Thaki the Delivery Dwarf located at ;;home inside the bank north and click 'Claim Bonds'. Are Ironmen allowed to use the webstore? Ironmen are able to purchase Bonds.
  2. x1 = 1 Bond
  3. Below are the Official Asteria Clients: Windows Client Apple Client
  4. Welcome to Asteria! 😀
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    Welcome to Asteria 🙂
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