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  1. Name: Guido Age: 22 If recommended by owner(s), post who: Do you have previous admin/moderator experience?: (Please describe any experience you have, if you have any) Helper, forums moderator, Ingame moderator and admin Write a brief description about yourself Im trustful, Loyal, Helpful, I enjoy being a part of a server and just like back in the years, I'm really good at this Why do you want to be a Admin/Community manager for Asteria? to bring the server to a top community where a lot of fun can be had by means of a nice list of regular players to be brought in, Why do you think you would make a good ? Ive never break any rules and Ive been in the rs server world since i was a small boy, Anything else you wish to add? Scenario Questions Q) You come on the discord to reports of someone playing loud music down their microphone. What would you do in this situation? A) warn few times and message the player to change it as fast as possible, Q) You answer a call admin being told that someone is writing racial slurs in chat but no-one has a screenshot. What is your response to this? A) Check The Server logs. Q) You join the server and notice one of your fellow admins are abusing their powers, How do you react? A) Demote. Take screenshots as a proof and jail till the owner is back?. Q) A player on the server is telling people that she is an admin, and she has taken the name of another admin. What is your response to it? A) warn and indicate that this is punishment and that you cannot pretend to be another person Q) You are watching a player that you believe is bug abusing the map, but you are unsure as to whether it is an actual bug or just part of the game. What do you do,? help the player to find the best solution and find the problem you been banned on any server?if yes give us reason A) no
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