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Update 9th August.

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Solo Dungeoneering has been added.
Bugged clue has been fixed. The one in Corporeal Beast cave.
Hope devourer Dungeoneering boss has been added. It has random chance to spawn instead of Warped.
Unlimited Dragon Bones are removed from Grand Exchange.
Players who prestige have red names now.
Enchanted bolts has been added to Grand Exchange.
Dungeoneering tokens has been added to Quest Tab.
Dungeon bosses has been fixed. They now give correct amount of dungeoneering xp and tokens.
Achievement ´´Complete the Asteria Guide´´ has been fixed.
Event Bosses doesnt drop blood money anymore.
Magic hut Clue has been fixed.
Daily tasks has been added, you can find tasks on Achievement List Tab.
Summoning orb has been fixed.
Jad minigamse has been fixed, it now spawn jad as a last wave.
Dagannoths Slayer task has been fixed.

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