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Donator Benefits.

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$10 Donator

  • Donator Rank in game.
  • Access to the Donator Zone (;;dzone)
  • The Donator zone consists of a Donator store, three thieving stalls, woodcutting, mining and smithing.
  • Thieving Stalls offer a higher amount of coins while thieving 
  • Ability to access the Donator Store
  • 10% reduced chance of burning food
  • 20% more tokens from dungeoneering


$50 Super Donator

  • Super Rank in game.
  • 3% increased Drop Rate.
  • Every Regular Donator benefit
  • 40% more tokens from dungeoneering


$250 Extreme Donator

  • Extreme Rank in game.
  • Access to the Extreme Zone (;;ezone)
  • 5% increased Drop Rate.
  • Every Donator and Super benefit
  • 60% more tokens from dungeoneering
  • Exclusive Training Zone located at ::ezone consisting of revs, multi-area zombies, black dragons, frost dragons, mithril dragons,demonic gorillas
  • The improved Donator zone consists of a Donator store, private training area, and a fountain that restores special, poison, prayer & Health


$1000 Legendary Donator

  • ::Bank command
  • Legendary Rank in game.
  • Access to the Legendary Training Zone (;;lzone)
  • 7.5% increased Drop Rate.
  • All Donator, Super, and Extreme benefits
  • Chance of receiving +1 additional item from all Clue Scroll Rewards
  • Have a chance of receiving full crystal keys as a drop
  • Chance of mining double ores/exp
  • Chance of fishing double fish/exp
  • Have a chance of making a potion without the ingredients
  • 80% more tokens from dungeoneering


$2500 Uber Donator

  • Uber Rank in game.
  • Access to the Uber Zone (;;uzone), an exclusive underground city with all previous donator shops and benefits located in the city. The underground city also includes a special slayer master that is in favor of giving boss tasks more often instead of normal monsters.
  • 10% increased Drop Rate.
  • All Donator, Super, Extreme, and Legendary benefits.
  • Untradables are always kept on death (i.e defenders, infernal cape)
  • Chance of double drops when defeating monsters
  • 20% chance of a second vote book when voting
  • Double tokkul drops
  • 15% chance to burn an extra log when firemaking
  • Triple the amount of stardust from shooting stars
  • Ability to go to KBD instantly without entering the wilderness
  • 20% bonus exp for all skills while in ::uzone

Payment methods accepted: Paypal, Runescape GP, Cash App, Bitcoin.
Contact Zeke#2141 for other requests/custom donations.

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