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Evan's Staff Application

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Name: Evan

Age: 22

If recommended by owner(s), post who: N/A

Do you have previous admin/moderator experience?: (Please describe any experience you have, if you have any)

I do. My staff experience has fluctuated from being a helper, moderator, admin, co-owner, and even an owner of a server myself. I have played on countless servers throughout the years and have been apart of many staff teams, so many that I could not count them. I have also owned and been apart of staff teams on Minecraft servers from 2013 to 2017.

Write a brief description about yourself:

My name is Evan. I am from a small town in Wisconsin, USA. I have two younger sisters and a younger and older brother. In my free time, I enjoy working on cars or really anything with an engine. A dream of mine would to become a racecar driver. I also like hanging out with friends, going frisbee golfing, and I like to collect guns. I've been playing RuneScape and RuneScape private servers for nearly 16 years. I still play OldSchool RuneScape and I also play Xbox and stream on Twitch. My gamer tag is "Watertucky" on all platforms.

Why do you want to be an Administrator/Moderator for Asteria?

My favorite part of a Runescape private server is being able to take on a responsibility. I like to hold myself accountable for other's actions. When a negative incident occurs on a server, I am obliged to correct what was wronged. I am a reasonable person and I tend to have a fair and just personality. My overall goal as a staff member is to make the community have a beyond exceptional experience on the server by creating a friendly environment.

Why do you think you would make a good Administrator/Moderator?

I am confident that I am a good fit for the staff team for several reasons, but most specifically because of my dedication to going above and beyond. I am committed to perform and succeed in either of these roles. I also believe that the skills and qualifications I possess are a great match for the requirements for a position.

Anything else you wish to add?

I am self-assured that I will bring accomplishment to this server and the community. I will not disappoint you.

Scenario Questions:

Q) You come on the discord to reports of someone playing loud music down their microphone. What would you do in this situation?

A) I would simply ask the person if they could turn it down. There is no need to escalate conflict when the resolution is easily solvable. If the problem persists, I would mute the person for being unreasonable. I would then inform and conversate with other staff members about the situation, telling them what happened and what the next steps would be if the person decides to repeat the offense.

Q) You answer a call admin being told that someone is writing racial slurs in chat but no-one has a screenshot. What is your response to this? 

 A) I would gather all evidence, given that there is a witness or witnesses. Depending on what my capabilities are, I would check the chat logs if possible. If there is solid evidence that this player did in fact use racial slurs, I would ban them. If there is absolutely no evidence other than hear say from one witness, I would not ban them. I would then tell the victim to take a screenshot the next time anything like that were to happen.

Q) You join the server and notice one of your fellow admins are abusing their powers, How do you react?

A) If it is an immediate problem, I would demote the perpetrator to a player rank. I would then take screenshots or record for evidence and I would then have a conference with the rest of the staff team.

Q) A player on the server is telling people that she is an admin, and she has taken the name of another admin. What is your response to it?

A) Impersonating a staff member is not listed in the rules on the forums, but I would assume that it is not acceptable on the server. My immediate response would be to warn that player that it it is not allowed and discuss the situation with my colleagues.

Q) You are watching a player that you believe is bug abusing the map, but you are unsure as to whether it is an actual bug or just part of the game. What do you do?

A) I would come to a conclusion of whether or not it is a bug by asking the developer(s). If a developer is not available, I would ask the player to halt what they are doing, indefinitely, until the issue is cleared. If it is considered a bug, then I would have to ban them for breaking the Security Rules posted in the forums.

Q) Have you been banned on any server? If yes, give us reason:

A) I am sure that I have 10+ years ago, but I am now grown up.

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