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Treasure Hunter Minigame

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Treasure Hunter Minigame

Can be accessed from the minigame teleport
Drops Aura (t1) which can be upgraded all the way to Donator aura
Also drops Owner Attachement as a very rare drop (Worth $750 in Donator store)
The objective of the minigame is to create a master key
A master key can be created by combining Treasure hunter keys 1-4
The keys are dropped by the bosses located in the four rooms at a rate of 1/2
The bosses have prayer protection so you will need at least two attack styles



New Auras:

Aura (t1) is received from the Treasure hunter chest
All the auras can be upgraded through Invention
Aura (t1) upgrades into Aura (t2) and so forth
Aura (t6) upgrades into Donator Aura (Worth $225 in Donator store)


Treasure hunter pets:

Treasure hunter pets are received from the Treasure hunter chest
They each provide a drop rate boost of 50%
While the pets are summoned, treasure hunter keys are dropped at a rate of 100%



Special Goodiebag:

Will only be received from exclusive donation deals in the future



Afk Zone buff:

Increased the chance of receiving the boxes from all stall
increased the amount of upgrade tokens received from all stalls
Added $1 scroll to the Afk stall(2) drop table
Added a chance to receive a $5 bond from Afk stall(3)
Added Silver casket to the Afk stall(1) drop table as a very rare
Added Ruby casket to the Afk stall(2) drop table as a very rare
Added Diamond casket to the Afk stall(3) drop table as a very rare





Nerfed the drops of Spooky Bats
The Crypto minigame is no longer multi
The x1.5 damage boost server perk now works correctly
Mini lucifers now show the correct requirements when trying to teleport
Added text color to kraken tokens
Reaper hood is now tradeable
Changed the projectile graphic for elite staff
Changed the projectile graphic for purifier staff
Nerfed crypto minigame drop rates
When opening the upgrade interface, the correct tab will open
Donator ranks now give the correct drop rate boost
Ultimate ironman can no longer open all on boxes
The ctrl hover interface now appears when hovering over items on any interface
The teleport interface text now appears white when selecting a teleport
The teleport interface will now open up the previous teleport you had open
Fury sharks can now be purchased from the food shop
The supply in the food shop has been increased
Spawned more npcs in the Crypto minigame
Added a drop rate armour set bonus when wearing the whole execution set
Npc kills left in an instance will now show below 5 and every 5 kills
Removed many unneccessary drops from announcing server-wide
Players can now use multiple exp lamps at once.
Fixed an issue with clicking on hard achievements
Changed the daily task and their rewards

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