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Halls of Ammo Minigame

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Halls of Ammo

The ammunition slot is now used for all attack styles to enhance your combat
The different types of ammunition are arrows(ranged), runes(magic), and dust(melee)
All ammo provides accuracy and strength bonus in it's combat style
Different Ammo Perks:
Basic - no additional perk
Healing - heal 0.1% of damage dealt
AOE - Increased aoe damage by 10%
Death - 2% chance of 1 hitting target



Ammunition upgrading:

Upgrading your ammo increases its stats and the perk it provides
Price to upgrade ammo:
Tier 1 -> 2 : 25 upgrade tokens per ammo
Tier 2 -> 3 : 100 upgrade tokens per ammo



Halls of Ammo:

A minigame accessible through the minigame teleports
You must kill all the monsters in the dungeon to get a reward
Upon completion you will receive a random ammunition



Infernal Amulet:

Dropped from the Infernal demon at 1/7500
Sold in the Boss points store for 5k tickets
Provides 40% Drop rate boost and +1500 in all stats



Colored fenrirs:

There are now three versions of Fenrir that drop melee, range and magic gear




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